Saturday, March 22, 2008

Couples Who Pray

I caught these guys on the news this morning. The charming and beautiful Susan and I decided today that we were going to take up the 40 day challenge SQuire and Louise put out and start praying together every morning.

You'd think with all we've gone through that this would be a no-brainer for us. Susan and I pray together sometimes and it's always been something we do in our personal devotional times, but we've never made daily prayer as a couple a habit. Believe it or not, we feel weir praying in front of each other. Maybe the discomfort is because we both know how not-holy the other one is. We both have no problem praying out loud in front of others in other settings (like any good Pharisee), but together, it feels funny. But we're taking up the challenge.

Is your marriage going too smoothly to not take up this challenge? That's what I thought.


Unknown said...

That's a great challenge. Enjoy your time in prayer together and have a great Easter! Give that precious little girl a hug for me please! Miss you guys

Anonymous said...

If their marriage is so great, how come they don't have the same last name? ;)

Mike West said...

Mary and I have prayed together for years. It was awkward in the beginning but now if we miss the prayer time for some reason, we really miss it. Some mornings it's real short and some times a little longer. The key is to just commit to it. It's made a difference for us.

Anonymous said...

daveallen - A lot of people in show business keep their names when they marry. There is a nice article about the couple on the 700 club (cbn)