Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2008 High Sierra Calvary Chapel Pastors' Conference

See that. That's where I'm serving the Lord today. I know. Tough gig.

We arrived a conference center on the Nevada side of the California/Nevada border. I have a table representing Shepherd's Staff Missionary Facilitators set up with a handful of other exhibitors including Gayle Erwin, Paul Smith of Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships, and Samy Tanago. There are a few others exhibitors at this small conference whose names and links I'll post another time. It's kind of cool to be at a small conference to connect with folks with niche ministries within the Body of Christ.

Yesterday, Gayle Erwin kicked off the conference bringing an "others centered" message delivered with his unique and folksy style. Erwin has been a pastor to pastors for so many years. His message is always familiar. Focus on others. Get your eyes off of self. That's the best therapy.

Jack Abeleen is one of the key note speakers here. I've never heard of him, but he brought a great message last night. I googled him and couldn't find a church website for him although I know there's gotta be one. Bear with me and I'll get more info on the guy in a future post.

I took some notes about faith from his message last night:
  • Faith that pleases God obeys.
  • Faith believes because it obeys God.
  • Faith sojourns.
  • Faith has an eternal outlook.
  • Faith is always optimistic.
  • Faith pleases. God.
  • Faith is our job.


Shaun Sells said...

Bryon -

Any chance you will be at the Rocky Mountain Regional Conference in Denver this May? If so I would love to connect for a meal.


Lynn(e) said...

Jack's website is: