Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lost Coast Ride

The charming and beautiful Susan and I took in the most amazing scenery yesterday on a motorcycle ride we took to the Lost Coast.

My buddy Steve was our tour guide. Ever since Steve and I were kids, we talked about getting motorcycles and riding through the country side. It only took thirty years to make it happen.

Just to fair, I didn't take these amazing photos. I clipped them from Flickr albums. If I'd actually taken the pictures, half of this beauty would not have been captured or communicated.

The ranch these cows belong to is the western most ranch in the continental U.S. These cows are grazing on the beach. No condos on this beach. Just cows.

We're incredibly thankful for the respite care we receive through St. Joseph's home health care and the Redwood Regional Center. David, the nurse that cares for Allie while we take a break, has become a friend and running partner.


Anonymous said...

Cool ride. Not many people will understand that ride. I am glad you finally got to do it. Ride safe man.


Kat said...

Wow! Gorgeous photos! Imagine, cows grazing on the beach and NO condos! Another reason I love the area from NoCal to Washington State so much.

Anonymous said...

Great pic's! Love that first one, especially!

Chris Goeppner said...

allie is such a cutie! dude its so freakin cold in siberia!!!!!!