Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Keep Tabs


I'm jealous.

There's a pile of bloggers teaming up with Compassion and heading over to Uganda on a mission trip. Anne Jackson will be live blogging about all that they get into over there. I hope this is the first trip over there for her. She's a great writer and I'm looking forward to how she'll pen her first impressions of Africa.

Make sure you pray for the safety of the team. The most dangerous thing anyone can do over there is unavoidable: enter traffic. Anne left a little twitter note about traffic today. You ain't seen nothin', honey.

Now do the right thing and go sponsor a kid...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been reading about this trip--not any blogs about it, yet, but just that Compassion's got this group of bloggers over there. I'm a blogger and a member of the Advocates Network, but I guess my invitation got lost. Or maybe I'm not there because I don't have a huge following--? Or a big name? And, on top of that, my blog isn't on MySpace, and they've kinda pushed that.

Did you see, tho', that Compassion won a $10,000 award from MySpace for Poverty Relief? That's a good thing, I know.