Thursday, February 28, 2008

Allie's latest trip to San Francisco

We just took our quarterly trip to San Francisco to see Allie's neurologist. The first bit of good news is that he's so happy with Allie's progress that he switched our visits from quarterly to once every six months which is really excellent news because Allie doesn't like to be in the car for longer than a half hour and we're talkin' about six hours in the car when we go down to the big city. So, yeeeeaaaaah!

The next bit of good news is that Allie's been taken off her seizure medicine. She's never had any seizures so no need is what the doc is thinking. When Allie left the hospital, she was taking eight meds through her g-tube. Now, she's down to one, and that's just a muscle relaxer.

These trips down to the bat area are alway tough on us. This time we had to meet with the district attorney which sucks because that just dredged up all the emotion over the horror Allie went through so many months ago - almost a year.

We also met with Allie's social worker and everything having to do with the adoption is coming along smoothly. Pray for us that it continues to roll along without any major hitches.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update. you guys have been so heavy on my heart this week and now i know why. glad to hear that Ali continues to move forward. i miss you all so much it hurts. big hugs and kisses to my ali girl - oh what i would give for some 'orb time' with ali on my shoulder (although she's looking like sh'e grown a foot since i was there in the fall. take care you are loved! :)nancy

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord and know that it's not in vain (1 Cor. 15:58, Rev 1:5-6).

Anonymous said...

Know that I continue to hold you guys up--and I believe both of my blog readers do, as well. :o)

I'm really pleased that Allie is doing so well, and that the adoption is proceeding smoothly. One day, it will be done and this phase will be behind you.

I'm sorry you had to go over old, painful ground, again. Praise God that you all have come so far!

Anonymous said...

Encouraging news about Allie! We'll keep praying of course and specifically about the adoption as well. Wish you weren't so far away. But, you are exactly where God wants you. :) Give Susan a hug for me! Did you get the book yet?

Bryonm said...

not yet. but i'll be looking for it... thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great News!! we keep you all in our prayers!!!

Marny Sartor and Family