Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Project Vote Smart

Found this website today. Just put the name of your candidate into the little text box on the left of the page and you'll have enough information to choke a mule.
(click image)


Anonymous said...

Enough information to choke a mule?? That is an interesting expression

Bryonm said...

you're allowed to use it

Anonymous said...

What about a mother?
We're travelling to see my polically-excitable mom this week and she is already gearing up for a debate. When she heard who I was voting for her reply was, "That's what I was afraid of, we'll have to talk when you're here!" She listens to Rush and Sean Hannity every day, so I'll hear their mantra over and over again to be sure. Maybe this tool will help me! I am in way over my head! Luckily I am bringing my politically astute husband along!