Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fall Out Boy in Uganda

I've been meaning to post this video for some time, but I keep forgetting.

Invisible Children has been raising awareness with a campaign aimed at youth to bring attention to the plight of Acholi children in Northern Uganda. Children live in fear of being kidnapped by a rebel militia called the Lord's Resistance Army and forced into service as soldiers and/or sex slaves. It's one of the most incredible and little known injustices taking place on this planet.

Fall Out Boy Website


Anonymous said...

I saw that on MTV one morning and thought is was really cool that Fall Out Boy is using their popularity to get the word out about Invisible Children.

Tom Emmons said...

On February 10th, 16 Christian bloggers will be traveling to Uganda to see Compassion International's work. Read the blogs and get an insiders view of Compassion's work in this African country at

Did you know that Compassion International is giving away a free scrapbook to the first 500 people who blog about Compassion’s ministry to children in need and link to their site? Learn more about this opportunity at