Saturday, December 15, 2007

Missed this booger

I was only gone three days and it seems this little girl changed so much. Have you ever noticed how much kids change when they're little? A few days, a week without seeing the little person growing up in your house feels like eons whiles you're apart, and then when you get back, and everything is different.

Have you ever seen 2001: A Space Odyssey? Leaving Allie for any length of time is like passing through a "Star Gate" coming home to discover an older version of the baby I left. What a trip.

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Anonymous said...

We see our two youngest grandkids once a year, which just isn't enough. They change so much, in between, that it's hard to keep up with the changes. We do get pic's, fairly often, so we're not totally stunned, when we see them.

Our oldest granddaughter, whom we've not seen in person for close to 4 years is 14. We have new pictures from her today, and neither of us would have recognized her, if we'd bumped smack into her on the street. Her braces have come off, she's either taller, lost weight or both, in the past year, and she's really a lovely girl. One we just don't know! It's been even longer since we've seen her younger brothers. No, we don't like that, but we've given up, for now. Her mom is keeping a tight lid on the emotional can of worms she carries inside her, and she won't let anyone in the family visit. She won't even let her daughter go visit her young cousins, several states away.

So...hug that little girl as if you'll never let her go!