Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kudos, little bro'

My brother Dan dove headfirst into a fresh restaurant endeavor up in Portland, Oregon. Dan has been honored three years straight with the titke of Iron Chef of Oregon and now his restaurant made it into The Michelin Guide.
Daniel Mondok, chef and owner, cooked at Carlyle and Olea. But nothing prepared me for the leaps in invention and execution that his new position has brought. Sel Gris emphasizes French plus some Italian and American bistro cooking, but artfully modernized with invention and imagination.

Read the rest of this article here: Thrilling and Michelin-worthy -


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Someday we may see him on FoodTV!

Anonymous said...

Checked out your brother's site. Awesome. I definitely would want to stop by if I was in that area. The food looks great!

Jason said...

Pelon, see you came a long way from Pearls Cafe! I miss my Drinkin Buddy!