Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Inner City Ministry

This is a video my boy put together for Urban Youth Impact, the ministry he works for.

That is my son doing the back flip. CCJ worship leader, Jeff Thompson provides the music.


Anonymous said...

Aaron, good job! I like the how you manifest your artistic abilities. Keep up the good work.

Mike West said...

Verrry well done Aaron. This should play well with potential donors. UYI is one of the best ministries I have ever come across. When I first met Bill Hobbs, I immediately though he looked like comedian Steve Martin and then when I took a look at all they were doing, I knew God had to be involved. How else could an ex-golf pro who looks like Steve Martin do so much within the inner city? He took me for a ride down Tamarind Ave in his old station wagon where everyone knows "Mr. Bill."

Anonymous said...

I love it!