Monday, December 24, 2007

Über Christ Follower Glen Mustian

During the trial of my life, God has provided a friend. Glen Mustian is the new pastor of Calvary Chapel Eureka. He just moved to the area this summer after retiring from twenty years of service in the U.S. Navy. He's the son of a Baptist minister and has been serving in Calvary Chapel around the country while living in different parts of the country and world during his stint with Uncle Sam.  He's got a pile of kids: Cassie, Amanda, Alyssa, Sarah, Josiah, and Jeremiah (I hope I got their names right) ranging from 19 to 3 (I think).

He's come to town with a passion for reaching the lost and discipling the found. Glen spearheads a team of us guys that go down to a local homeless mission once a week where we share the gospel and hang out with the guys that are provided shelter for the night. Not only is Glen a great Bible teacher, he plays a mean guitar. He's a closet Pink Floyd fan. Thursday night at the mission, he covered Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here and had more participation from the guys than any other time playing our regular rotation of Sunday morning songs. The spiritual application he made to the lyrics was simple and really connected with the guys. He made it super easy for me to follow with a devotional about spiritual hunger.

Last night, he and his wife showed up at our door bearing gifts for Allie. I was so surprised and overwhelmed. God has really used this man to help Eureka feel like home again after going through such a difficult time in our family.

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