Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ahhhh, Coffee

Allie and I sat together watching her favorite morning news show, Fox and Friends, when at seven o'clock, the coffee machine automatically kicked on like it does every morning at this time. I set it so that the charming and beautiful Susan can wake up to nice hot coffee.

The sound of the brew, the smell, knowing my wife is getting up soon; these all give me a warm fuzzy and prime my salivary glands for a nice hot cup o' joe. This feeling is manufactured in heaven.

I got up to get a cup of coffee to find my hopes dashed. The coffee filter had collapsed clogging the machine causing hot water and coffee grounds to flow onto the counter. What a mess. Poop.

Does stuff work like that at your house sometimes?


Anonymous said...

Oh, morning the fragrant smell of coffee permeated the entire house. I went down stairs to discover I had forgotten to repalce the carafe under the "Mr Coffee"...the coffee had flowed across the counters and onto the floor. what a mess and disappointment.

Jan Arant

Bryonm said...

i've done that one, too...

Anonymous said...

Never. Everything in my world works perfectly. All the time.


Kushmama said...

I hate when that happens!

Anonymous said...

Ugggh. For me, it is that I wake up at 5:15 only to find the coffee pot filled with water, because the machine is set on a timer and brewed without...actually using coffee. But that's the human error, forgetting to put the grinds in the night before. "Poop", indeed.