Sunday, November 11, 2007

Soup Face

Allie has been doing great the past couple of days. Thanks for your prayers. She's gotten a reprieve from the teething pain and has been flat out chowing down. I've been careful to keep my fingers away from her mouth so I don't lose any digits.

She changes loyalties without notice or any kind of regularity. One day she's my baby. Then she's the charming and beautiful Susan's baby for a week. I don't know what it's going to take to buy her loyalty so that she's always on my side. But she's definitely figured out how to keep me under her thumb. That's where I live.

Lentil soup is Allie Soup Du Jour. Everything the charming and beautiful Susan sets before her is devoured in short order. I've been the one feeding her the past couple of days so I wear a good amount of what Allie eats. She likes to spit. I've decided not to teach her that spitting is bad because I'm having so much fun spitting back.

This is the soup Susan is whipping up for Allie in a bullet. We give her regular food but we puree it.

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Anonymous said...

What an answer to prayer! She looks adorable covered in soup! Hope she's still feasting come Thanksgiving Day...she'll have quite a magic bullet feast that day! Allie covered in cranberries and stuffing would be so very cute!