Friday, November 16, 2007

Celebrity Cribs

A buddy of mine was so good to point out the disturbing and disparaging in-equalities that exist among "stars". But I'm not jealous. Really. Not even a little.

Jennifer Lopez

Oprah Winfrey

Rod Stewart

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Courtney Cox

Eddie Murphy

Halle Berry

Howard Stern

Jerry Seinfeld

Ashley Simpson

John Travolta

Avril Lavigne

Billy Joel

Brad Pitt

Britney Spears

O J Simpson


Anonymous said...

Wow, Bryon, you really set that up well! :o) I love the last two--for the individuals named, not for me, thanks!

As for the large estates, can you imagine the size of the household staff you would have to employ to maintain those places? And the utility bills?!? Goodness! They can have 'em!

Anonymous said...

I've seen that e-mail! I love it.

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of Isaiah 5.

Mike West said...

I thought Britney had a double-wide?