Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You're So Cute I Can Eat You Up, Ali

Sometimes Ali eats a bunch, sometimes she's picky. I can learn from this. I just eat a bunch. I'm not picky. You put it in front of me and I'll eat it. If your hands get too close to my mouth, you'll pull back a stump.

You'll notice that the charming and beautiful Susan is keeping some distance between herself and the person (Ali in this case) being fed. She learned the hard way. This is due to losing silverware and other serving utensils while feeding me. We thank the Lord that she learned this "distance feeding technique" early in our marriage. Maintaining this buffer zone has saved the charming and beautiful Susan life and limb.

We're actively teaching Ali the difference between "finger food" and "fingers as food."

Ali likes a little food with her fingers and vise verse. Whatever it takes to make her smile. We live for the smile.

But the tears are cute, too.


Unknown said...

love the pictures! she's such a beautiful little girl!! still praying...

Anonymous said...

awww. Love the one where she's smiling! So, so cute.

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words!!