Sunday, October 28, 2007


They stuck Allie like she was a pin cushion the other day. She got a ton of shots. I felt a little ambushed. I thought she was going in just to have a check-up, but they were waiting there for us with a handful of sharp things to plunge into Allie's little legs. Poor baby.

Poor me. As soon as the needles come out, the charming a beautiful Susan pulls a disappearing act like she was one of David Copperfield's vanishing beauties.

So Allie is a little sore this weekend. She git two shots in each leg in addition to that dreaded poke in the big toe to draw a few drops of blood. Susan got her undressed for a bath yesterday to find cartoon covered band-aids stuck all over the place like Allie was starting some kind of collection.

Poor baby.

Poor me. Did I tell you I was the one that had to be in there comforting her while she got all those shots?

On the serious side, there is a little concern that Allie isn't on track with her weight. She's grown an inch and a half over the past month, but she still only weighs eighteen and three-quarter pounds. She's actually lost a few ounces. She's been teething and that has affected her appetite. But they have a little chart down at the doctor's office, and Allie's little marks on the graph fall a little below the curve for her age and height so the nurses have been giving us little speeches. So we're thinking of creative ways to fatten her up.

I wish I had this problem. I'm looking for creative ways to take the fat off.

Allie has been doing fantastic at physical therapy. I'll try to get some pictures up of her later this week...


Kat said...

I'll give her some of mine! That'll do the trick in record time! In the meantime...maybe mashed potatoes or ice cream?
theeverhelpfulKat :D

Anonymous said...

Caleb went through a stage like that and they told me to give him whole milk and try to fatten him up. NOW he is in the 75th percentile with weight and only the 50th for height! All my kiddos went through different fluctuations in their weights. It's good to see some gain, though, so you can do what you can with food/drink. I know what you mean about the teething too... Caleb recently had a week where he hardly ate b/c of that, but now he's pulling out of it some. The tough part is that some of the most nutritious foods aren't always the most fattening! If anyone can come get creative and stay nutritious, though, it's your beautiful and charming Susan!

Anonymous said...

poor Ali, Sophia had 4 shots 2 weeks ago and cried a lot I was also the one conforting her her dad was working it hurt me, we will be praying for her weight but Ali will catch u soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you come up with any creative ways to get rid of some fat, please share them! I'm having to rely on the standards: eat less and exercise more. Totally boring! Not to mention that snacking is in my genes...and the evidence is in the jeans I can't wear, anymore. :~(

Anonymous said...

Bryon, I've been reading your blog and Alli's blog for a few months now - I stumbled on your family accidentally searching for a different blog....anyway, you and the charming and beautiful Susan are extraordinary people. I believe we see god most clearly through the loving actions of other people, and you've embodied some pretty amazing love.

Anyway, Allie needs to fatten up a bit. My son is a little bit older than Allie, and for different reasons we needed to fatten him up following removal of a feeding tube. Avocados are very calorie-dense and nutrient-dense, and little ones love the taste and texture. They're easy to mush up while Allie is still on purees, and when she advances, they're great finger food. You can also add butter and/or healthy oils (olive, canola, flax seed) to her typical purees. Other parents have added cream to purees to get them to 30 Kcal/oz and beyond. There are also synthetic "fatteners" like Duocal, but the more you can do with real food, the more trace nutrients Allie will get.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us.