Sunday, October 14, 2007

Animal Train

The charming and beautiful Susan has a charming and beautiful mother that has been a huge support to us during everything that's happened with Ali. She started sending us the components to this presumably lead free Animal Train by Fisher Price toys.

A discussion like this has been going on between them:

Charming and beautiful Susan: did you know how big this thing is?
Charming and beautiful Mother: no.
CABS: It's as bid as Ali.
CABM: No way.
CABS: Way.
CABM: Really?
CABS: Really.
CABM: Can you have Bryon take a picture?
CABS: He'll do anything I tell him.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful little girl. Big train, neat animals. I wonder if she's most fascinated by the colors or the shapes.

I assume the thing she's holding in her right hand was making its way to her mouth, in the first picture. I'm glad she's able to do that, now.

Anonymous said...

She is looks so big, the train is really nice.

This was the best part of this blog could Susan tell me how do you get to that point?:)

CABS: He'll do anything I tell him.

Chris Goeppner said...

what a little munchkin!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool train... very cute little girl, but growing so fast! She sparkles!
Praying she continues to respond to therapy and continues to make such HUGE strides.
When you look back to the May pictures and posts, it's like you're looking at a different baby. God has already brought her so far! Your blog is like your Gilgal. You can always look back and say, "Look what the Lord has done!" It's so encouraging to all of us to see Ali's healing in progress... thanks for including us in the journey!

Mike West said...

What if CABS said to give up coffee? Just wondering. :) Kids...they sure grow up fast. What a story.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the updates and the always wonderful, creative pictures!!!! continue to uphold ali in prayer.

when my kids had the fisher price train set (like a zillion years ago!!), you pressed down on the smoke stack on the engine and it gave a little train whistle sound. be still my heart--does it still do that??? :):)

Bryonm said...

I she said to give up coffee, I'd... I don't know... fall on the ground and fake a heart attack. yeah.

you push down on the smoke stack and the animal train theme song plays :)

so true. i was looking back the other day. but it also makes me very sad. the saddest days of my life.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see your point. When you look back on all the details, it is very sad. I'll keep praying for God to carry you through to the other side of this trial. I am praying Psalm 30 for your whole family. Thanks for being real on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby, bryon. Train looks like a lot of fun too.