Thursday, September 06, 2007

When shaken babies grow up

Thank you, Michele for sending me the link to this article.

One day, their father, George Poole was in charge of the babies while his wife went to her job at a Walgreens. George and Monica were a young couple trying to make it. For years, George - Michele's son from a first marriage - had been in and out of trouble, small stuff, drug-related, but now that he was a dad, he was trying to straighten up. This day, though, Nov. 19, 1994, would turn out to be the worst of his life - and not just his.

In a plea deal, the fuzzy outline of his story tumbled out: George stays home with the twins. He has a temper. Gabbi cries. Louder, until she's wailing. God, he has never heard a sound like that before. So he picks her up ... and ... he shakes her.

Five seconds or 10. Who knows. It was enough.

"Cerebral contusions," the doctor's report said. "Shaken Baby Syndrome."

That is why Michele Poole and her husband, Rod, are now the legal parents of two growing girls who ought to be their grandchildren; why Michele, at 57, has devoted the better part of a decade to lecturing on the perils of shaking a baby; why she needs a giant motor home and a backup band of loyal helpers (not to mention a husband who changes diapers) to accommodate all of Gabbi's needs.

That is why Gabbi is Gabbi.

Please remember to pray for Gabby and her family when you're praying for us...

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Source: When shaken babies grow up


Anonymous said...

It's hard not to feel angry when you look at the pictures. The difference between the twins is stunning.

Unknown said...

wow. i pray for you guys and for ali's continued positive outcomes of her physical therapy.

on a completely other note i can't find your email address anywhere, i just have the calvary one. i read an interesting article in 'the economist' yesterday about evangelicals in powerful positions and wanted to pass it along to you. there was one on putin in there too but here's the link to the one I read

Bryonm said...


thanks for the link. you can get to my email by clicking the "view my complete profile" link. I'd put my email address right here, but that would increase send a bunch of robot generated spam to my in box.

Anonymous said...

I'm in tears. Part of me says Christians shouldn't ask for special favors, but Jesus did tell us to ask, that our joy might be full. Oh, God, please have mercy on Ali, and on Susan and Bryon! Please spare Ali the seizures and the need for drugs that will rob her of any abilities she has gained or will gain with continued therapy. Lord, in your mercy, for your Name's sake, please hear our prayers and heal Ali!