Monday, September 17, 2007

This Monday

Yesterday was a pretty big day. It was the first time we attempted to take Ali to church since we've been in California. She did pretty well. We can't leave her in the nursery yet because of her Mic-Key button, so we took her into the service and sat in the back row so we could make a quick exit if she got out of hand. She made it all the way through the music and really enjoyed it. Everything going on grabbed her attention. But after about forty minutes, she was over-stimulated and I had to take her into the lobby. Oh well. Definitely not bad for her first time. Ali always was a very social creature. She'll do alright after a few more times.

Physical therapy today went well, too. Ali was rolled onto her belly and it was the first time she didn't freak out or panic. She just kind of rested there quietly, thinking about what this was all about. She was sucking on her hand which always soothes her. Hey, whatever it takes. People learn new things better when calm than when all freaked out.

Later this week, we have our first interview with a representative from our adoption agency. Things are starting to move.

So pray that this interview goes smoothly. And pray for Ali this week. And the charming and beautiful Susan. Ali hasn't been sleeping very well either at night or during the day. That means no one really has been sleeping well. We have a system worked out where Susan takes care of Ali the first part of the night and then I get up from 4am on giving Susan uninterrupted sleep from 4 until 8am. She probably still gets the short end of the stick. But Ali like hanging out with Susan better than me anyway - who can blame her?

My new job is starting to become routine. I'm grateful that most of my work takes place right here in my home office so I can be productive on the job and still help Susan handle Ali. Next week, I go to Seattle for a few days to promote the ministry at a regional pastors conference. Pray for my as I represent at my first big event.


Anonymous said...

This is a really great report! Well, if you think sleep deprivation is great.... Otherwise, tho', it's all good to read, and thanks for the heads up about the adoption agency visit.

Home offices are great, aren't they? And what a God-gift that you can have one "for such a time as this." Thanks, Lord!

Chris Goeppner said...

huge step dude. well continue to pray for those steps forward in progress. home office, hmmmm, i miss those days sometimes. i felt i could be more productive.

Kushmama said...

we're praying, friend. our small group (a not-so-small-group of about 20!) is faithful in keeping you and your sweet family ever before the Lord. so glad to hear you're getting visits from your loving Florida church family...i'm sure it's a great blessing to know even the great distance can't keep them away!

Bryonm said...


got that right!

please thanks everyone in your small group for continuing to pray for us. Ali is doing great! She continues to exceed all expectations and I know that it is only the power of prayer.