Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Good Morning

Ali's playing on the floor and I'm here watching the news over a cup of coffee. This week, since I've been back from Florida, we've gotten Ali into the routine of sitting in the kitchen in her high chair while the charming and beautiful Susan putters around the kitchen. Ali gets a few bites of baby food then. This is pretty huge, believe it or not.

Before I left Florida, some friends gave us a really nice jogging stroller. We've used it daily since unloading it from the U-haul. Ali loves it and tolerates riding in it for longer than her regular stroller. We've been able to take her all the way downtown (a little over half a mile from our townhouse) and enjoy time together as a family out on a stroll.

Helping Ali sit up is where we'll be concentrating our efforts over the next several months. Ali had a visit with a specialist last Thursday that said it is way to early to put any limits on Ali's recovery. In spite of the blindness diagnosis by an optometrist, this specialist was very encouraging. So please continue to pray with us for Ali. Pray that Ali will cooperate with her therapists Rena, Michelle, and Deb the Magician. Pray that she will continue to develop control of her tongue. Believe it or not, this kind of motor skills develop has a direct effect on other motor skills development. Pray that Ali's hips continue to loosen up as this will help her sit and crawl and, ultimately, walk. Pray for Ali's range of motion in her arms and shoulders to continue to improve. When she sits, she'll need to be able to keep herself from falling over.

When we watch Ali's face while she plays, we can see her thinking. We see her processing what is happening in her environment. She plays with toys that have light and sound (thanks, folks, for sending those) so she understands cause and effect and her control over things in her environment. She laughs and she shouts when she's happy or frustrated. So she is communicating with us. This is behavior no one expected to get from Ali. So we are grateful for the diligent prayers of those that read these posts and take action on their knees.

While you all are praying, can I ask you to pray for one more thing? This move here has become so final since we said goodbye to our home church family in Jupiter, Florida. I've taken a position with Shepherd's Staff Mission Facilitators. Pray for us as we transition into our new life in Eureka, California.


Anonymous said...

I'm always so pleased to read positive reports about Ali's progress. Being able to take a family stroll with her is incredible. What a gift!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the specific prayer requests. Glad you are able to stroll and run and get settled in. Will pray that you find new life-long friends near your new home.

Unknown said...

Praying away...

Mike West said...

We gotcha in prayer...I believe there will come a day when you will say "oh....now I see." I believe God has some big plans for you and Susie. Hang in there.
Mike & Mary

Anonymous said...

I feel like a slacker. A few days away from the blog and I missed so much. Thanks for sharing. Our God is the ultimate physician and healer. Ali will be healed according to His Will.

I really want you and Susan to know that God is using Ali and your situation already. There were some things that happened in my life last week, that did not seem fair and I did not understand why God let them happen. I was angry, upset, and confused. God used your situation and sermon from CCJ last week to encourage me and help me turn things over to Him. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

We are on a mission! thank you for letting us know what to pray for.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the specific prayer requests. Just prayed for Ali right now and will add these requests to our church prayer list.

Thank you for being so faithful to the Lord in this trial. You are reflecting His glory. It's awesome to watch how God is using all of you!!

Thank you Lord, for the specialist that was very encouraging.