Friday, August 10, 2007

Korean Missionaries in Afghanistan

Over on the One World Mission Blog, I've been following the story of the kidnap of Korean Missionaries in Afghanistan. This story grabbed headlines when it first occurred and when the Taliban began making good on threats and killing defenseless missionaries.

Sandwiched between posts about why you should go into the mission field are the updates about the group of Korean Missionaries snatched off a bus by the Muslim militants in Afghanistan. Taliban extremists are offering to swap missionary hostages for imprisoned members of their terrorist organization. So far, two of the Koreans have been murdered.

Taliban Weigh Hostage Fate Taliban leaders are deciding what to do with 21 Korean hostages after Afghan President Hamid Karzai and U.S. President George Bush ruled out making any concessions to free them, one of the kidnappers said on Tuesday.

Source: Christian Today

The situatiion has reached a stalemate and news networks really aren't following the story any more since no one's been killed lately. But we should continue to remember our brothers and sisters who've set out to serve and have ended up in captivity.

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Thanks for this post. I appreciate the information, which I would not expect to get from the MSM.