Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pie Hole

I wonder at what point in a little lady's life talking so freely about her bodily functions will make her blush.

"Did she poop today?"

"Yes, she did," is usually (hopefully) the answer. "Twice. And her little poops are more solid - not as runny as it used to be."

Could you imagine me having this conversation about my wife? Or my twenty year old daughter? Poop conversation never stops with boys, but at what point in a little girl's life do you quit this kind of talk?

Since you're probably wondering, Ali has produced two very nice turds today.

Ali has been familiar with the bottom end of the digestion process for quite some time. Now she is learning about the front end of the process: eating through the mouth. For the past several days, Ali has been getting all nourishment and medicines through the mouth. We haven't used the Mic-key button for two days. All of Ali's meds are sweet. One is grape flavored. She's not too crazy about it. We mix it with a little formula to try to trick her into taking it, but she's wise to that ploy. So we just shoot it into her little cheek a few drops at a time with a syringe (relax... there's no needle on it).

The charming an beautiful Susan tried something new with Ali today. She dabbed a little sweet potato baby food on Ali's pacifier and fed it to Ali. Ali loved it. She couldn't get enough of it. A little dab didn't do her. Then introduced a spoon. Ali got this look on her face like "what the heck did you just put in my mouth?" But once she discovered that this was a brilliant new mechanism for delivering increased quantities of sweet potato, she was very into it.

Deb the Magician, Ali's speech therapist, didn't exactly give us the green light for spoon feeding, but she never said we couldn't.

I won't say anything if you won't.


Anonymous said...

Bryon please tell Deb (the Magician)that we are praying for her that God's keeps on guiding her as she works with Ali.
May God keep on blessing you all through this process!!!

Bryonm said...

Sartors: Deb checks in on this blog from time to time. She'll be encouraged to know that you guys are praying for her...

Luann said...

Yay for sweet potatoes! Yay for spoons! Yay for keeping your little secret. :)
Your blogs are so encouraging ... and entertaining. I'm not sure how old is too old (for bodily function talk), but I know it's older than Ali and younger than me.

Bryonm said...

luann: yay for hearing from you. thanks for the books...