Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Huge Thank You

Ali had a great first birthday. So many of you guys sent gifts. Thanks Thom & Jody, Ray & Nancy, Kathy & Clay (and pups), Miss Marie, Loraine & Family, Grandpa, Mallory, Aunt Mary & Aunt Barbara & Uncle George, Cheryl & Dan, Grandma Ruth, Aunt Camille & Aunt Blanche, Tracy, Kristin, Great Grandma Susan, Great Grandma & Grandpa Valerio, Aunt Mary & Uncle Larry, Art & Catherine, David & Lyette, Anne & Art, and Bob & Candy.

Too numerous to mention by name are all the people who've sent encouraging emails and left comments on this blog and who have loved, supported and prayed for us. Thanks go out to you all, as well.

Ali piled up new clothes and educational toys so she can play her way through rehabilitation in style.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Bryon,
I just wanted to check in and let you know I am still praying. You are loved by the Lord Jesus Christ!

In Him,
Jan Arant
Calvary Chapel Oceanside

Anonymous said...

Apropos (sp?) of nothing, I suppose, we are in California so we could help to celebrate my mom's 90th birthday, today. I guess July 3 is a good day, year after year!

I'm glad Ali had a good birthday. I'm excited to think about all the healing that will take place in her second year!

God bless you all. You're still in my prayers--and starting next week, all of the Compassion employees in Colorado Springs will begin praying for you all, too. That's over 500 recruits in the army of pray-ers! :o)