Sunday, July 29, 2007

Don't Get Defensive

Marines in Iraq gave a big "OOHRAH!" shout out to desk jockeys back in DC when they cracked open their crate of ThighMasters. I saw this piece on Fox News this morning while bouncing Ali on my knee. Fox hadn't yet updated their website so I was hard pressed to corroborate the story, but the New York Post was on it. Check it out here.

So there's your tax dollars hard at work. I'll give the Pentagon the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure some second lieutenant fresh from the academy thought the ThighMaster was some kind of protective body armor, manufactured by Kevlar not Suzanne Somers, for protection of the upper leg.

As an ex-marine I'm sure I speak for my brothers-in-arms when I say keep the ThighMasters; send over Chrissy from Three's Company.

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