Thursday, June 28, 2007

So Proud

I gave Ali a little pep talk before we left for physical therapy this morning. I said, "Listen, girl, when we get over there this morning, I want you to work it. I want you to impress their socks off. We've been practicing all week and today's game day. I want you to work through the pain. Got it?"

And she went in there and blew their minds. Ali has settled down quite a bit over the past several days and we've been using her quiet moments to do the exercises we've learned both in San Francisco and since we've been here in Eureka. And Ali is responding well. And the physical therapists are impressed by the improvement in her range of motion and relaxed tone. These are so necessary for Ali's rehabilitation.

The reports that were sent up here from San Francisco did not offer the medical team up here much hope. But the team here says the person described in the reports and the little Ali person they get to work with are two very different people.

The folks here really have made Ali rehabilitation their mission in life.

Ali extending her arm with the charming and beautiful Susan's help.

Rena and Michelle working with Ali on the floor.

Ali sitting up with very little help.


Anonymous said...

Praise God. I'm so excited for Ali and for you guys about these improvements. I'm praying that it'll keep getting better everyday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jesus! I love these good reports, and I have to believe Ali's more relaxed manner has to be an answer to all the prayers after your post about the horrid nights. I'm just thrilled that she's knocking the therapists' socks off!

Bryonm said...

So good to hear form you. I miss you and Mike...

Anonymous said...

Dude, you need to download some "Eye of the Tiger" music to play in the car on the way to therapy to get Ali in the mood!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update on the physical therapy. I was esp. interested to read and see the pictures of this part of Ali's life. My friend Alicia (age 38) suffered a brain aneurysm last year (july 10, '06). Because of my relationship with the family I have been intimately involved with her recovery...from the 6 week coma she was initially in to now....learning to walk again! :) The doctors were quite bleak about her recovery but to see the prayers of the saints, and watch God work has been nothing short of a miracle.

How many days a week does Ali go to therapy? What is involved? From the photos it looks like you are doing alot of range of motion to work those muscles and regain strength. :)

God's blessings to you today and may He give you the strength you need for this time in your life.