Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day Three: SFO

We arrived in San Francisco this afternoon. It's so good to be at the end of our journey. It's even better to be here with our girls, Charity, Ali, and the beautiful and charming Susan. After several months of us all going in different directions, we're all together here in San Francisco.

I am amazed at Ali's progress. When I hold her, she no longer feels like a limp sack of potatoes. She's moving her head even more. She takes a pacifier like no body's business. She kicks her feet and she definitely tries to stand.

STAND, I said.

I went camera click crazy.

Ali "standing" in Susan's hands.

The beautiful and charming Susan administering a little TLC.

To add to Ali's dis-comfort, new teeth are cutting through her gums. Chewing on Susan's fingers makes her feel good--Ali, not Susan.


Anonymous said...


Feel free to take any part of this post down. But we are praying for you and many have been asking about little Ali. We are as happy as you are that she is doing much much better. She and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

This brings tears to my eyes, for the joy of seeing and reading about the continuing progress.

Goodness, Bryon, before you know it, they're going to be calling Ali a "normal, healthy baby." Or have they, already?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! We are 24 days away from her first birthday...and roughly 34 days into this whole ordeal. Look at what God has done in a little over a month!! We can only imagine what will happen between now and her birthday!! I believe that she is completely healed and whole, but we have not seen the complete physical manifestation of that yet. I'm excited to hear the doctors declare her to be a "normal, healthy baby" as well!! Our "normal, healthy baby" just started pulling up and he is 13 months old! We're thinking Ali will take her first steps before Caleb! When you're back in FL, I'll bring him down for a play date and Susan and I can visit! We're praying that day comes quickly too! Praying for the meeting on the 6th.
Glad ya'll arrived safely!
Jody (for all the Scotts)

Anonymous said...

With tears of happiness I am posting this comment seing what out Wonderfull Father has done so far and what he will keep on doing in your family and specially in Ali's total healing.

Sophia is already 18 months old I remember Susan asking how was her doing since everytime I left her at Child care during church she was crying also prying with you Pastor Bryon right there that she would be ok, well now Sophia loves staying there and gives no hard time when I finally lift it totally up to God teh change started happening it is incredible to see how even he smallest things can mean so much and how God puts people in your live that he uses as vessels to increase your Faith and that show you kindness and like you both showed me.I can never forget you two asking about it and how much it meant to me, THANK YOU!

P.S. Sophia has that same pijama Ali is wearing they both look so pretty.

Sergio and I prayed this morning for you all....and will keep on doing so, Just keep on letting us know what to pray for as you have so far, (We pray for her healing daily).

God Bless!!!