Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back from Family Court

Things went unbelievably smoothly in court. Even though I/we've been praying for this, I really expected the rug to pulled out from underneath us at any time. I didn't admit this, but for the past week I've been expecting an ambush. But the ambush never came. Everyone in court had the same goal: to make sure Ali is released into the care of the charming and beautiful Susan. Ali will be discharged from the hospital Monday into our custody. Susan and Ali will stay with my sister in Humboldt County, California, while Ali continues to receive medical care.
This is a huge answer to prayer. Thanks for praying with us.
It was rough seeing Timmy. He was brought into court in orange coveralls. He never looked up until it was all over. I watched him hold Charity's gaze through red, tear-filled eyes and mouth the words, "I'm so sorry." I felt electricity shoot through me when this took place. He's broken. Charity is drained. Susan felt and extreme sadness. I just feel sorry for what his life is going to be like. Really, really sad.
And I'm elated because Ali is going home Monday.


Anonymous said...

Breathing a huge sigh of relief and thanksgiving for this most excellent news! Thank you for the quick update. My heart has been breaking for all of you through this journey. Today's news is a victory of huge proportions - second only to the progress Ali has made surrounded by the love of her family!

Anonymous said...

Bryon - praise God in regards to Ali!

Sometimes we expect the worst and God comes through and gives us everything we hoped for and more.

Anonymous said...

Throughout this story, I've been wondering about the father(?) in all of sounds like he is truly sorry for a huge mistake.

I'm elated that everything is coming along so much better than hoped (& prayed). Thanks for keeping us up to date with everything.

Anonymous said...

Trust Jesus. No trial will come upon you that is too big for you to handle"..this is the best encoragement you can ever tell anyone and you will see Bryon this all will have a turn out you could never dream of....Trust the Lord his plans are greater than ours and he always has a purpose as hard as it seems at time. Praise the Lord for being So Good to you through this trial as you have been. I never hoped for lesss I am always praying for His amazing grace on you and your family nothing less... Thanks for your honesty and testimony you all are a true example of Faith to fallow just think of that and what you are doing to all the people reading this blog the ones that you know and all those that you do not even know and how God is using you as a vessel to bring them close to Him!!!

Mike West said...

I bet you guys are worn out. FInd a way to take a break when you can. Here's an offer to take care of Ali for you while you and the charming and beautiful Susan take a breather. We have plenty of room for you in KY. Gotcha in prayer.
Mike & Mary West

Anonymous said...


My heart hurts as I read the real pain that you are experiencing. I don't want to be super-spiritual, and I know you know this but, GOD loves you! He loves Ali, Susan, Charity and Paul, He only wants the best for you. I will be praying for healing, love, forgiveness, and compassion. Hang in there brother.

Anonymous said...

I'm oddly not surprised by the outcome in court. "Oddly not," because I tend to expect the worst, especially from government bodies and agencies. But God has so clearly been working wonders throughout this situation that I could only expect Him to continue.

I'm glad Paul and Charity had the chance to see each other, even from a distance, and for him to mouth those words to her. However she received them, whatever turmoil her own emotions are in, he needed to say them to her, and for her to see his brokenness. Maybe you needed to see it, too.

I usually lump those who hurt or kill little ones into the "monster" category, and I'm glad Paul is not acting like a monster. My prayer for him is that someone will follow up with him to minister, to guide, to point him ever to Jesus and His great love. Think what a testimony Paul can have, in the future, if he's able and willing to grow through it!

I know--you may not want to think along those lines, but God has healing for all of you, in time. May He continue to bless you, to comfort and to heal you, and give you peace.

Unknown said...

what an emotionally mixed day! Praise God for the outcome we've all been praying for!!! hope you all get some much needed rest soon!!


Lyndsey said...

I can't wait to see her!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear the outcome! We cant wait for everyone to get home! Thanks for sharing such an amazing journey with all of us... your faith is such an inspiration to all!

much love.
Trent and Emily

Anonymous said...

Bryon and Susan - We are thrilled to hear this outcome!
You have not heard from me sooner as I was not sure if you would need my professional services related to custody - I did not want there to be any reason to argue my ability to remain objective.
We have prayed for you daily. We have read and reread your blogs. We have hurt with you and felt joy with you.
What an amazing God we have!
We can't wait to see you!
Pam and Ron Figoras

Anonymous said...

Awesome!... grace, peace, and healing will always be abundant as long as you all continue to seek the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you all. I can't wait to meet Ali in person...hopefully someday soon.