Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hello Houston

Aaron and I hit the road this morning at 4:30am. We arrived in Houston, Texas at around 8:00pm. That's 1,108 miles the first day.

Aaron and I caught up on all that's been going on in our lives. He's been out of the country since January involved in missions and ministry. Road trips have always been the way our family has stayed connected with each other.

Part of road trip preparation is the ritual creation and burning of a mixed music disc. We cranked the car stereo louder than usually allowed and sang Weezer, Brand New, and Dashboard Confessional off key at the top of our lungs. I didn't know all the words so I just made them up as I went. Aaron expressed displeasure with this very lame paternal musical interpretation.

Every day we have a task list to work through to get things ready for Ali's departure from the hospital. Yesterday's meeting with Child Protective Services was preparation for a hearing that will take place on June 6. We appreciate your continued prayers for favor.

other stats:
lowest gas price: East Texas; $2.89/gal.
best gas mileage: 33 miles per gallon


Anonymous said...

"Aaron expressed displeasure with this very lame paternal musical interpretation."


Anonymous said...

That's a whole lotta miles, in one day! I guess you young folks can handle, tho'. :o)

Praying for all of you and with June 6, in mind. But I thought the custody decision was made yesterday--?

Anonymous said...

Yo!!! 1,108 miles--wow! Like--will we see you in California by tomorrow?? VBG!

LOVE car conversations...and singimg with CD's...may you and your son have a blast driving cross country together. :):)

Prayers for the June 6 meeting.

Bryonm said...

Ultimately, a judge will put his stamp of approval on any plan that CPS, the docs, and we come up with. he meeting on Tuesday, it turns out, is where we all try to get together on a plan to present to the judge. Right now, we're not in total agreement where Ali will live with Susan for the time being. We're praying that everything Ali will need will be available in my home town in Northern California where I have have family. Otherwise, I have to set up another residence in the Bay Area.

Anonymous said...

WE keep praying for all of you thanks again for sharing we never thought we could put so muc time aside to pray as this situation has tought us too which has been and awasome experience for our family since now we all have learn we can always find time! Thanks Pastor Bryon and have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are continuing for all of you and for Ali. I am so enjoying the updates. The Lord has blessed you with such a talent for writing it is like reading a novel that you can not put down. Also, it is so exciting to see the story unwinding with so much of the work of our Lord. Thank you for continuing to up date all of us! God bless and have a great time with Aaron on the road trip!

Anonymous said...

Bryon, thank you for the daily updates. We continue to pray for Ali and all involved. Thank you for sharing yourself with others.
God bless you.
paigemom from the PP, in Oregon

Unknown said...

Enjoy that road trip! I'm praying for the details of the custody and for Ali's continued healing as well as everyone else's healing.


Carole Turner said...

WOW, you drove right my the exit to my house when you went through Baton Rouge!

Be safe and have a great trip. I have been praying for you all and will continue to do so.