Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Drunken Nights and Easter Morning

This is a pretty good article written by Jack Arnold. It makes you think about the one's were trying to reach and just what Easter is all about.
Let me let you in a little secret: that's exactly what God's whole deal is about. Whatever Easter is besides a clever marketing ploy for chocolate companies and basket weavers, it's not all clean and pretty and neat. It's really about drunks and liars and thieves and all of us in the same house, looking out the windows into oblivion, and the only hope we've got in the world is Jesus Christ. It's about how we've gotten used to lying like red-faced politicians, trying to plead our case to everyone around us--trying to cover up our tracks, and now we got to get it all out in the open so it's got no hold on us anymore.

Read the whole article here>>> Source: RELEVANT MAGAZINE

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