Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pastors: You need to watch this...

Dan Southerland delivered the news to a Kansas congregation about the fall of their pastor. Southerland handled this with incredible finesse and wisdom.
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Click here to go to the video.

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Anonymous said...


This is a tragedy, not a resource.

Bryonm said...

Tragedy, yes. Maybe I could use a differnet word than resource. In fact, after I'm done typing this comment, I'm going to re-write that sentence. Thanks for pointing that out.

I think the way Sutherland handled this was superb, and that's what I want to learn from.

Forgve me for any kind of insensitivity to the church body or families involved.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. talk about wisdom.

Anonymous said...

they removed the video on the link! can you tell us what it was?

Bryonm said...

It's too bad they took the video down. I understand that it's a family matter and they probably felt that the video would end up in the hands of non-family.

However, I can't say enough how incredible Sutherland handled the delivery of the information, the church, and himself as he shared. This is schooling for all of us.

Josh R said...

I watched it last night and I cried.

They did an amazing job.

Being a pastor is a very dangerous job.

It appears from the release on the church website that they are trying to protect the privacy of the woman involved. She was named in the version of the note read in the sermon, but is not names in the note on the website.

That is likely the most controversial issue in the handling of this matter.

Anonymous said...

bryon & josh you are most correct in our reasoning. thank you. audio CDs are made available to our church family now.

wfc staff member