Monday, April 16, 2007 > Is Imus Really All That Unique?

I found this in my "inbox" this morning. Chew on that.

Here is the unsettling question that begs to be asked, "What about the massive racial inequity problems that lie unchallenged in the Evangelical world?"

Anyone who is unaware of the racial inequality issue is either:
1. Not paying attention to what is happening right under their noses;
2. Has no racial inequity problem because everyone is the same race in their church or sadly, the most likely situation;
3. The attitude exists, "Racial problem... here? We have that one licked bro! Ask anyone here..."

"Dissing" (showing disrespect - looking down upon someone in disapproval) can be done in many subtle ways so that we may not even notice we are doing it. It is like playing poker. It is impossible for some people to hide a good versus bad hand to those around them. No matter how hard they try, their heart's true response comes out spontaneously.

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