Monday, April 02, 2007

Looking for Problems

I have one of those free site meters on this blog which is kind of cool because you can see what cities people are in when they log onto your blog, how long they stay, how many posts they check out, and how they were referred to you blog. What I mean by "how they were referred" is how they found me. If someone types words in a search engine and there are matching words on my blog, my blog will come up in their search and that is tracked by the site meter. It's probably a great marketing tool somehow, but for me, it's just interesting.

This morning I was checking stats and I noticed that someone from the town I live in, Stuart, FL, logged on through a search. But when I saw what they searched, I was a little perturbed. Check it out:

Did you see that? ..."problems with calvary chapel jupiter"... Why would someone search that? Are they looking for dirt? Are they innocently shopping churches? Do they want to defend us? Is someone just curious? I don't get it. Is there a good reason to make that search.

I looked at the actual google search and found followed a couple of the links. I'm amazed at how disgruntled people can get with a church movement and still stay in fellowship with believers. And a wierd attitude goes along with it. It's like, "I was part of Calvary Chapel for awhile, but I get it and they don't. Now I'm doing this and they're doing the same old thing that worked for me for a while, but now I've grown beyond them. Now I'm really doing things right."

Can someone tell me how that works?

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Anonymous said...

you got me!!! Just kidding...I really can't belive someone would search yoru blog for 'church problems'....what a shame.