Monday, April 09, 2007

Über Christ Follower Bob Franquiz

Bob Franquiz is my blog-spiration. He ALWAYS thinks outside the box whether he's writing, blogging, doing music, preaching, you name it--he's original. He takes heat from nit-pickers for this from inside our own Calvary Chapel movement because he doesn't do church the way they did in the sixties and seventies (I guess with lava lamps, black light, and orange shag carpet) and he doesn't cave in to church politics and peer pressure.

Many pastors teach the Bible as if it's other Bible teachers they're trying to reach. Not so with Bob. He teaches with regular people in mind. Miami people. Distracted, tech-connected, tuned into new media Miami. Bob reaches them with theologically sound Bible teaching that makes sense and applies to life in the fast lane--or HOV lane.

Check out recent write up in the Miami Herald about Bob's church here.

Check out his book here.

1 comment:

revolution said...

Bob's church is the bomb.

Bob's book is the bomb.

But why does Bob read so many crappy books? Bob, when are you going to get tired of reading all of those cliched books about leadership?
i don't know how you do it.

i think you need to take 50% of the time spent reading those books, and use it to write another book like elements.

just my opi