Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mini Y2K

All week long people have been talking about how since the government is making us change our clocks earlier this year, our computers will be all messed up. "It's gong to be just like Y2K!" We'll change the clocks in our houses, but our cell phones clocks will be an hour off and so will our computers.

Well I ot up this morning, and it was just like Y2K. Nothing bad happened. My phone is fine, and my computer is okay.

I do expect about 25% of our church congregation to be late to church, though. But it won't be their computer's fault.

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Anonymous said...

If I'd heard anybody say, "It's gonna be just like Y2K!" I'd have had to say, "Oh, good. Then we have nothing to worry about."

We're in a war unlike any war ever before fought, and we have Chicken Littles running around over a one-hour change in the clock??