Saturday, February 10, 2007

Welcomed by Cats

It's so good to be home. The beautiful and charming Susan makes me feel so welcome after journeys abroad.

Time apart is difficult for us. Less difficult for me because I'm away and busy. This takes away the loneliness our short separation produces in me.

But it's different for her. She's at home left with the regular routine minus me making my daily appearance after work. I hear what those of you who know me are thinking: a daily appearance by Bryon is more of a curse than a blessing...

But the beautiful and charming Susan doesn't share your cynicism. She's lonely without me. So she occupies herself with projects, purchases, and pets while I'm away. After one trip, I came home to a new roof. After another, a new living room set and freshly painted living room. I returned one time from Africa to a bedroom redecorated in African motif.

The homecomings I dread the most are the ones where I am greeted by an unfamiliar, four legged, furry creature.

But that was the past. Thursday night when I got home, I was greeted by eight legs and two bundles of fur. Chatter and Ike are the new cat invited by the charming and beautiful Susan and I have to tell you, they've stolen my heart. I'm not a cat lover, but these cats are definitely Bryon lovers.

That helps.


Chris Goeppner said...

missed you bro.
cats suck

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty cool cats - and that means alot coming from a girl who's highly allergic to them, and generally despises cats.

Mike West said...

Welcome back! I was a cat hater but now I love the cat we have had for more than 12 years. Wish I could teach a dog to poop in some sand and cover it up.