Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Smoochy Valentine

Yesterday was a good Valentine's Day. I have the most low maintenance wife in the known universe. She doesn't buy into all the commercial hype and hysteria that started in the stores right after they took down all their Christmas displays. She tells me that Valentine's Day is just a commercial ploy forced on us by the Retail Deathstar to get us to spend money while we're still financing our Christmas over-indulgence.
Now that we have this whole empty nest thing going on around our house; no kids; kids with kids, we're unwrapping our Valentine's gifts to each other several times a week -- wink, wink.


Chris Goeppner said...

im blessed too with a very low maintenance hunnie. nice little slide show, very romantical.

Mike West said...

Cool slide entry. How did you do that? Mary is so low maintenance she was upset that I bought her a card. We are blessed. There is one photo in there where you and Aaron look amazingly alike.

Anonymous said...

I like the mustache picture!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sweetie...this was a nice suprise.
Love ya,