Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Middle East Trip Post

As we see our trip coming to a close, our schedule has become more hectic. We have received so many invitations to spend time in the home of locals that we have to turn down more than we accept. The time spent in Arab homes is our best opportunity to share why we are followers of Jesus. We are constantly asked if we are Muslim—which leads to an opportunity to talk about our dedication to the God of the Old and New Testaments. Our stories are listened to with respect and courtesy. Pray that the seed of the Word falls on good soil producing a good crop.

One of the local sheiks is the majority owner of the language school where we are conducting the English Caf├ęs. He is grateful that we have come to serve his people, and today he will host us in the village of his ancestors. The majority of people in this village have never spent any time with Westerners. And very few Westerners will ever experience—or be allowed—to spend time with common Middle Eastern village dwellers. Our tour planned for today is the product of almost ten years of relationship-building between Western workers and local Arabs. This is the kind of dedication and perseverance workers here demonstrate. Together we pray it will produce abundant fruit. Much of this country’s population live in remote areas, but few are being penetrated as effectively as this. I’m just amazed that our team and those that support us get to be a part of the work our Father is doing in this remarkable but thirsty land.

The two-man team that came to build a playground and put on sport activities for the workers’ children has wrapped things up. The rest of us will benefit from Ed and Wes’ work tomorrow as we enjoy an appreciation luncheon in a parent’s home. That will be followed in the evening by a dinner with the faculty of the language school.

I don’t think I’ve heard my stomach growl on this entire trip.

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