Friday, January 05, 2007

Sad Stats

2006 % of Retail Sales (Porn)

Video Sales & Rentals 28.0% $ 3,622,000,000
Magazine 7.4% $ 950,000,000
Cable/PPV (TV) 3.5% $ 1,745,000,000
Internet 22.0% $ 2,841,000,000
Exotic Dance Clubs 15.5% $ 2,000,000,000
Mobile 0.3% $ 39,000,000
Novelties 13.3% $ 1,725,000,000

Total 100% $ 12,922,000,000 (source)


Brothers, let's not let any of that cash come from us...


Anonymous said...

Bryon, those are some astounding numbers. I had no idea. I don't remember the exact stats, but a few years ago Promise Keepers did a questionnaire with the men at one of their conferences. A disappointingly large percentage of men admitted accessing porn in some way in the very recent past. Sadly, this is an issue that I think the church is largely ignoring, although I do see some pockets of support here and there. xxxchurch comes to mind.

Sometimes, I think the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson could maybe spend a little less time condemning the non-Christians in our country, and do a little more to support healing and spiritual growth within the Christian community.

Anonymous said...