Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Heat Mizer

Saturday's Weather

Billy said it... It is going to be way to hot and friggin' muggy to run a marathon this weekend. They really should just call the whole thing off. Send me my money back and just bag it. This year, we'll get a visit from Heat Mizer.

Last year, Cold Mizer was there. I didn't take off my stocking cap and gloves the whole time.

Today's Run
Run time: 32:07
Run distance: 4.01/mile
Average pace: 8:01/mile
Best pace: 5:52/mile (for the last tenth of a mile - don't expect this from me on sunday - I ain't no Kenyan)
Calories: 488

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"I ain't no Kenyan"...


Good job, regardless! Marathon in just a few days, huh? I'll keep checking for the final up-date once it's over. I'd love to do Disney some day.

Run, Forrest, run! :)