Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First Middle East Report

In go check smoothly did not.
Go smoothly did not check in.
Check in did not go smoothly. About half of us had our names all switched around on our tickets. The name that was on our passports was the same that appeared on our plane tickets, only in the wrong order. And Homeland Security has determined that anyone trying this little ploy is a terrorist, Delta didn’t want to let us board our plane. But thanks to prayers quietly muttered and clever negotiations handled by Karen and Justine, our little stand off was soon diffused and we were on our way to Atlanta, the land of perpetual layovers.

We had an amazing first day in our city in the Middle East. Justine said that it was too much to take in. “I can’t even describe it.” Like many of the others, she was at a loss for words when she saw the Old City set against a backdrop of barren mountain peaks.

“Oh wait. National Geographic. That’s how I’d describe what I’m seeing right now.”

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