Monday, January 08, 2007

Bad p.r. from P.R.

Is it unloving for me to wish that Pat Robertson would just stop? I think of everybody that's been trying to get their neighbors and co-workers to church, and then the media has a field day with the latest of Robertson's yearly predictions. Many are compiling quite a list of failed predictions.
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I honestly don't want to slam my brother (I wanted him to be president once). But I sincerely want him to stop. It seems like too often that the bigger the audience we evangelicals have, the more damage we do.

The cool thing is that in spite of this kind of negative exposure in the media, God still chooses to work through regular people who simply want to see people meet Jesus.

But that doesn't answer my question: how do we respond? I'm tempted to go Old Testament and call for a good stoning. I mean, if you can call for the assignation of heads of state from behind the cameras in your TV studio, why can't appeal to obey Deuteronomy 18:20-22 from the seclusion on my desk while posting to my blog?

See, there I go being unloving again. Can someone help me respond correctly, wisely, and in love? I need all the help I can get.


Anonymous said...

is calling for duet. 18 really being unloving? its God's law, and God is love, it was meant so that the others wouldn't get infected... i think that applies here

Bryonm said...

I want to be New Testament. Like, when Jesus said somethng like: "It's been said an eye for an eye... but I say love your enemy and pray for those that persecute you..." (I'm paraphrasing from faulty memory banks). I want to respond in a way that the watching unbeliever sees a their own need for Jesus even though, in my opinion, He's been mis-represented so badly by one of His servants with a broadcasting network.