Thursday, December 28, 2006


Do you do them? Generally, I don't. Not on January 1. I find that if I need to change something or start something, it's easier for me to make one change at a time rather than try to work from a New Year's list.

Although, I do want to work on something in my peronal life and get better at a certain area of my life this year so I bought and started reading this book.

Another thing I might try this year is reading one book at a time. But that probably won't happen since I get distracted and then interested in new things all the time and want to learn as much as I can about them before I finish the thing I'm already on. Reading all your blogs doesn't help me much with this problem. But it's gotta be better than watching TV.

The main thing that changes on 1 January for me is the Bible reading I do in my daily quiet time. For the past fifteen years, I worked through a Bible reading track that takes me through the whole Bible in a year. I put a copy of it here in case you want to download it. But in 2005, I read a pile of books by some of these trendy emerging guys and it challenged me to study the life of Jesus a little more closely. So in 2006, I just read through the gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, repeat. And I liked it so I'm going to do it again in 2007. Except I think I'm going to toss 1 & 2 Samuel into the mix. I really look forward to reading about David every year. There is so much to apply there as well. In fact, one year I may just study those two books the whole year. But probably not until 2009.

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dogfreid said...

You're a terrific writer. I look forward to reading your blog entries in 07.

God bless!