Monday, December 18, 2006

No more excuses

Run time: 44:25
Run distance: 5.01 miles
Average pace: 8:52/mile
Best pace: 6:21/mile
Calories: 620

It's still too hot and muggy to call this December. That's all I got to say. Maybe global warming is more real than I thought...


J Dub said...

Does the 6:21 mile come at the beginning or the end of the run?

Bryonm said...

Probably the beginning when I'm trying to get across the street.

J Dub said...

Oh, so it's like an instantaneous rate, not a rate over a full mile. I get it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if its me or not, but when I run on a machine I go so much slower than normal, am I crazy?

Bryonm said...


you know what: most runners go much slower on a machine. it's not a very motivating place to run. i'm one of the few people i know that is able to go a little faster, but i attribute that to the fact that the machine establishes the rhythm for me. i'm a hopeless white boy afflicted with a serious lack of rhythm. when i'm on the road, i have a harder time keeping a steady pace unless there are other runners present. but all the articles i've read say the opposite: faster on the road, slower on the treadmill.