Saturday, December 09, 2006

Good Morning for a Run

The weather for this morning's run was nearly perfect. It was 65 degrees and breezy. A little to breezy when we wnt up the bridge, but that was short-lived. We turned around at the top of the bridge since that was our half-way point, and had the wind at our backs on the downhill side of the bridge. Our quickest pace this morning was 5:32/mile and I'm guessing that's where we did it.

Run time: 1:44:58
Distance: 11.76 miles
Average pace: 8:55/mile
Best pace: 5:32/mile
Calories: 1448 (But thanks to the breakfast I ate at Calvary Chapel Pt. St. Lucie, I'm back to zero!)

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Anonymous said...

awesome run! One more long one to go!!!!