Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Well tempratures here in South Florida have plunged into the sixties. It was a glorious morning for a short run. It rained all night so it was damp. I walke a short path thru the woods and over the train tracks before I run and I love the smell of the woods when its wet and slightly chilly.

This year I feel a little ripped off because it's been so warm and muggy this season. Cooler temprature don't usually hold off this long even down here in South Florida. One of the things I look forward to while training for a marathon is cooler tempratures for those long runs. Just didn't happen this year.

For the most part, the training season is all but over. We have a few runs scheduled to keep us loose, but the next long run to look forward to is 26.2 miles in Orlando on 7 January. I'm prayin' for some cool weather that day.

Our next runs will be a 5 mile run tomorrow, then a four, and an eight on Staurday. The week winding down before the marathon has a three, a four, and a two in store followed by two days of rest before the big day.

Today's run:
Run time: 32:36
Run distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 8:09/mile (now, if I can just do that on race day...)
Best pace: 6:47/mile
Calories: 485

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