Saturday, December 16, 2006

Excuse Rolodex

Have I run through my list of excuses for you on the days I have a bad run? Let's run through it. We'll pull the excuses out of the Rolodex in random order:
  1. My shoes are too worn.
  2. It's too hot.
  3. I only got four hours sleep last night.
  4. I can't have a good run everyday.
  5. I really have to do a "number two" really badly and can't find a place.
  6. My shoes are too tight.
  7. It's too muggy.
  8. I'm too old.
  9. I've been sick all week.
  10. My feet hurt.
  11. My back hurts.
  12. My legs hurt.
  13. Oh no, it's starting to rain.
  14. It's too early.
  15. My shoes are too loose.
  16. There's something in my shoe.
  17. My shoe keeps coming untied.
  18. I really have to do a "number one" really badly and can't find a place.
  19. I'm hungry.
  20. I ate like crap last night.
  21. I weigh too much.
  22. I'm bloated.
  23. This sucks.

And that was just today. Did I miss any?

Run time: 03:21:44
Run distance: 19.81 miles
Average pace: 10:11/mile
Best pace: 5:43/mile
Calories: 2463


Anonymous said...

Dude! Your fine...I wouldn't sweat it. I think it's your shoes! :)

Anonymous said...

(Julia says):

Maybe someone should by you new running shoes for Christmas.

Bryonm said...

Julia: I did...