Sunday, November 19, 2006

This weekend's long run

Billy finally saw the light and purchased current technology. He was in denial about his old school stride measuring step-o-meter. We've been running side-by-side, him using the step-o-meter, me using the Garmin GPS, and his was always getting us to the turn around point early. The longer our run, the furthr apart our gadgets read.

Last week, we're running on the downhill side of a bridge, and Billy is like, "man, we're doing four minutes a mile right now!"

I lookd at my GPS and it said we we're doing about eight minutes a mile, but I didn't have the heart to say anything. He was comfortable with his denial. So I just say, "Cool."

Run distance: 17 miles
Avg. pace: 09:35/mile
Best pace: 7:10/mile
Calories: 2102


Anonymous said...

I'm old school? Does your website have a link like this on it?


Bryonm said...

I only got a serial port with my GPS (who's old school now?) which my laptop will not accomodate so I can't get on the site. And my mother-in-law's computer has so much security I can't get to the site.

Anonymous said...

Check out - it might be helpful for your friend. :)

Four minute miles WOULD be nice, but 9 minute miles rock in their own right, too.

Keep running!

-A Reader who stumbled upon your blog looking for CCFL stuff via google... I've read your blog from time to time ever since (interesting), and since I am passionate about running, I decided to leave my first message! Why not, eh? :)

Anonymous said...
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