Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Out of State

We're vacationing up near Asheville, North Carolina. I love this place. We're staying with Susan's Mom & Dad. Coming here is always like coming home.

I'm still trying to keep my training schedule for the Disney Marathon I'll be running in January. Yesterday was my cross-train day, so my nephew, Gary, and I went off into the Blue Ridge Mountains and hiked 5 miles. This morning, I ran around the track at Mars Hill College in Mars Hill, NC. Friday, I go twelve.

There's nothing like running in these mountains.

We'll head down to Charleston , SC, on Saturday and spend the night with our friends Mike and Mary.

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Bill & Glory said...

*I saw your comment on Shannon's blog*

My husband lived in NC when we met so I have a very fond memory of Thanksgiving 2001 lingering in Nashville.

Have a wonderful visit!