Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Wife is Cheating

I don't mean that the way it sounds. We're in a little contest. The first one to lose ten pounds in two weeks gets to go out and buy a new pair of jeans. We're ten days into the contest and yesterday, I weighed in at 182. My starting weight was 192.

She said that it doesn't count because I just came in from an eight mile run and it was all water weight. I was at 183.2 this morning after working out, and THAT doesn't count either.

What's the deal? When can I weigh myself and have it count? Any thoughts???


Anonymous said...

After you drop the kids off at the pool :)
BTW I dig the new site design!

Anonymous said...

First thing in the morning, butt naked, before you eat or drink anything. Just bear in mind that you will weigh more after you've eaten breakfast and dressed. But if you weigh first, as described, at least you'll have some consistency in the formula.

Why do I always have to do two sets of characters to prove I'm not a spam-computer?

Bryonm said...

the kids have been dropped off...

Finally! Someone noticed the re-design. Thanks and glad to see you back.

Bryonm said...


I think that has something to do with blogger switching to this new beta. You may need to re-submit your profile. Thanks for putting up with the bugs. I love to reading your comments.

I can't believe you said "butt-naked."