Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Missions Jones

I'm here at my desk reading through some the training curriculum for our upcoming middle east outreach. I'm excited for those getting ready to experience, see, taste, smell, and touch things they didn't even know existed in a place they've only heard about from that glowing blue box in the middle of their living rooms. I'm grinning from ear-to-ear right now because I know they think they know but they have NO clue.

Here are some links to posts from the last trip: Middle East Mis-conception, Second Middle East Report, Camel's Milk, and First Middle East Report.

God loves you.

Can you imagine growing up and living somewhere where that is NEVER said? It's never printed on a bumper sticker or on a t-shirt. People there have never actually that God loves them. Can you comprehend that? There are NO known churches. They don't have four or five gospel radio stations to tune in to and hear and decide to accept or reject Christ's free offer of salvation. They don't even get the choice. They don't have any neighbors that are Christians. They don't have any Christian co-workers. Think of it. Try to imagine. How will they hear?


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord

Mike West said...

Rom 1:19-20